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Dev Softwares
Dev Softwares is a fast growing quality solutions provider based in India. Whether you are looking for software development, e-commerce solutions, mobile application, simple informative website for you to represent your corporate identity or a simple intranet application, we are here to work with you to help you achieve your goals. Whatever market gurus may call this - outsourcing , software development outsourcing or offshore development but internet has made us a global community where we can benefit from each other's expertise without caring about the distance and time zone.


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Web Development
Web Development is another core activity of Dev Softwares along with Software Development. We have developed several websites for our Indian as well as international clients.
We also provide free Web Promotion services to our clients. We develop the web pages optimized for the search engines and use many useful techniques in developing website to improve the site ranking of our client.

We also develop Multilingual Websites especially for our international clients. We develop websites in following languages:


These are the types of web projects we specialize in:
E-Commerce Websites:
In today’s competitive business environment, everyone has to do something new to be in market. There is no other place than the Internet to promote your business worldwide. As a our goal to IT-enable businesses, we have developed several websites for our clients. These websites have become backbone of their businesses. The websites have grown their markets to the international level. They are earning more and more profits out of these websites.

These are the common features of e-commerce websites:

Support for Categories for products/services.
Product Search.
Shopping Cart
Multi-session purchasing (customers can choose the product once, put it in his cart and can actually buy it some other time.)
Online payment.
Post-sale customer support.
We also advise our clients to affiliate to the other e-commerce sites to increase their website business.

Community Websites:
Community websites have a special place on the Internet. These are the website which provide a common place for a community or communities to contact each other, share thoughts, discuss strategies etc.

These are the common features of community websites:
Member Registration.
Subgroups within the community.
Member Search.
Message Board.
Affiliation with e-commerce sites for discount etc.
We also develop only content-based websites.

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